September 2021 Wrap Up

Hello everyone!

I’m finally posting my September wrap-up, 4 days into the month. September was an odd month for me. It was my birthday on the first , so I got to buy a lot of books. The first two weeks of the month were so much fun and I read quite a lot. But then right when the second week ended, I was hit with so much work and assignments in my grad school that I felt like I was going to drown.

This slowed down my reading and I didn’t even have time to write many blog posts. But some of the books I read this month were my absolute favorites and I am so excited to talk about them.

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The Liebster Award

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well! A few days ago, I was nominated by Jayati @It’s Just A Coffee Addicted Bibliophile for my first ever book blog award, which I am super grateful for. I’m really looking forward to answering all the questions!

Lia @An Ode to Fiction also nominated me for the same award, which, again, I’m super thankful for. I’ll be answering her questions in a separate post ❤

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(Mini) July 2021 + August 2021 Wrap Up

As I sit and write this post, it is August 31. In just a few hours, it will be my birthday and I’ll be turning 21. This is going to be my second birthday in the pandemic, and reaching such a milestone age feels pretty weird. I have a feeling that my birthday book haul is going to be a really big one and my book shelf is going to get a little bit cramped. But before I get too sappy here, let’s get back to my wrap-up.

August was a great month for me, reading-wise. I was done with my TBR in the first two weeks of the month itself and after that I just kept reading and reading and reading. I read a total of 24 books (!!). I don’t even know how I managed to read that much, but I guess the stress and the worry of starting grad school made me turn to books for comfort.

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21 Books I Want To Read Before 2021 Ends

Today’s post is going to be a special one. I’m going to be turning 21 on September 1st, which is pretty cool. It feels like such a grown up age and I don’t even feel grown up. But yeah, this is such a special milestone and I wanted to do a series of blog posts to celebrate. So, my next few posts will also be 21-themed. I’m super excited to share all these posts and I hope you enjoy this one.

This post is me going through my priority TBR and picking the books that I really want to read before the end of the year.

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